Msgr. John Fell

Evil cannot overcome power, presence of Jesus

by Msgr. John Fell

First Sunday of Lent (B)   By Msgr. John N. Fell   This Sunday’s Gospel is a brief but powerful introduction to our Lenten journey. Immediately following the account of Jesus’ own baptism, this section of St. Mark’s Gospel begins … Continue reading

Building the Kingdom of God

by Msgr. John Fell

Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time (A) By Msgr. John N. Fell   In this Sunday’s Gospel, St. Matthew focuses our attention on the central theme of all Jesus’ preaching — the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom (Reign) of God refers … Continue reading

Christ vanquished sin, death forever

by Msgr. John Fell

Easter Sunday Gospel (A)   By Msgr. John N. Fell   While there is no account of the actual moment of Jesus’ resurrection, St. Matthew’s portrayal of the first Easter morning (28:1-10) captures well the bewilderment, majesty, and joy of … Continue reading