Deacon Chuck Paolino

The lateness phenomenon at Mass

The congregation looked a little light for a recent 9:30 Mass, but that was before the tour bus arrived. Just as the choir began to sing and the ministers started down the aisle, a wave of humanity started pouring into … Continue reading

Common ground for Christians

My wife and I recently made our annual trip to Florida to spend time with members of our high school class  the Class of 1960. That date means that we were in elementary school in the 1950s, a different … Continue reading

‘What would Jesus do’ is not just a phrase

The actor John Ratzenberger is most widely known for the role of know-it-all bar fly Cliff Claven on the television series “Cheers.” But recently I saw Ratzenberger play a very different character in what Netflix characterized as a “faith-based movie.” … Continue reading

Popes turn eyes, minds to poor

Rich,” according to a lyric by Hal Hackady, “is walking ’cause you want to, not because you have to.’’ That line, written for the 1970 Broadway show “Minnie’s Boys,” comes to mind often as I drive around central New Jersey … Continue reading

On relationships, a lesson learned

So there I was, rummaging through a box of old photographs, looking for something to post on the Facebook page for folks who grew up in Totowa. One of the photos I found showed my father, in casual civilian clothes, … Continue reading

Mass a time to come together

If you go to an “art” movie house you’ve probably had occasion to watch a film with two or three other people in an otherwise empty auditorium. In one way, it doesn’t matter; you went to the theater to see … Continue reading