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Third-graders Madeline Atkins, left, and Marissa Nieves, both 9, play each other during the first meeting of the new chess club at Holy Savior Academy, South Plainfield. The duo asked Principal Kristen Kiernan permission to start the club. When a flier went home that an afterschool chess club would be starting in March at Holy Savior Academy, 24 students signed up in one day. The club is scheduled to meet twice a month after school until June 15. “We didn’t think a lot of people would like it,” said Nieves. Added Atkins: “We thought some people would think it’s boring.” “But they like it,” Nieves concluded. – Roya Rafei photo    

Jordan Spieth smiles April 12 as he wears his champion green jacket on the putting green at the Augusta National Golf Course in Georgia after winning the Masters golf tournament. The 21-year-old attended St. Monica's Catholic School in Dallas and graduated in 2011 from Jesuit College Prep in Dallas. --CNS photo/Brian Snyder, Reuters